10 ways to bully-proof your kid


bully-kidBullying has always been identified as beginning right from preschool. It is estimated that between 40 to 80 percent of middle school children have at one point or another reported being bullied. In the current times, bullying has been very dangerous and leading to accidents where some children have been beaten to death and others commit suicide.

That is real a real concern for parents. Despite that, there is still some good news because bullying can be prevented. You can easily bully-proof your child and try to keep them safe from bullies.

  • Grow respectful and compassionate relationship starting from the time when your child is very young.

When children grow-up in loving relationships, they are more likely to be safe from becoming or being bullied. Never expose the child to relationships where force or power is used to control them. Children who are smacked learn that physical violence is a solution for interpersonal problems. In your disciplinary actions, never use power because those children will practice using power over others as well. In other cases they will allow others to use power over them. It becomes a routine for them. There are many methods that involve the use of compassionate disciplinary methods and it works miracles.

Maintain the connection between you and your children at all times

The kids who are always seen to be lonely and withdrawn are more likely to be bullied . Always bear in mind that parenting is 90 per cent connection. Guide is the remaining 10 per cent. Guidance should always be supported with warm relationships. Always have open communication with your children no matter what happens.

Practice Confidence when dealing other people

When dealing with other people, practice confident behavior. Never back down and then later on feel like you are being pushed around. Children always watch their parents to learn how to handle situations. Start with asserting your own needs or rights while maintaining your respect for the other person. Always learn not to let yourself or your child down. You child will do exactly that because you are their role model.

Take time to teach your child respectful self-assertion

Children need to understand that they can maintain respect as they make their needs met by other people. Teach your kid to use words such as:

“Hands off my body” or

“It is my turn now”

Teach your child how to avoid bullies

Bullies always operate where parents are not present. That is why you should teach your kid to avoid unattended bathrooms, hallways and playgrounds. Your children should learn to sit in front of the school bus as well as sit at a lunch table near any teachers to avoid being bullied.

Impart social skills in your child

Bullies have a tendency to bully kids who are seen as being vulnerable as well as children who are desperate for peer acceptance. Practice with your child on how to join other kids at the playground. Introduce your kid to other kids at the party. Make games that teach your child some social skills and practice them at home.

Always teach your child that there is no shame in walking away from a bully or asking for help from an adult. This is because bullying situations have a tendency to escalate.

Teach your kids to help other kids who are being bullied. There are several approaches of doing this. They can stand with the victim and physically remove them from the bully by walking them away from danger towards adult assistance.

Tell your kids to seek for help from other kids. Let the kid wave other kids to their side by calling them “We need your help”. Then let them confront the bully and walk away.


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