14 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect


14-weeks-pregnantAt 14 weeks pregnant, your baby is now making himself or herself known. Your belly is starting to grow and you are likely sharing with everyone you know that you are pregnant. There are many things to know about this stage of your pregnancy to ensure that you are doing everything right to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

Your Belly at 14 Weeks

Your belly is most likely noticeable at this point in your pregnancy and you probably have more energy and less nausea than you had during your first trimester. At this point, the risk of you having a miscarriage has decreased by 75 percent, so you can put more focus on the fun parts of pregnancy due to needing to worry less.

This is often described as the feel-good trimester because most women feel good and are not experiencing many pregnancy symptoms. You might have more energy than you are used to and you can use this to get in gentle workouts and start getting that nursery ready. Your skin is likely glowing too.

While you might have some residual nausea, it is less than it was during the first trimester for most women. In fact, most women notice that their appetite increases at this point.

Getting an Ultrasound at 14 Weeks Pregnant

Ultrasounds are not typically performed during this week of your pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about when you should schedule the next one to keep an eye on your baby’s health and development.

Your Baby at 14 Weeks Pregnant

At this point, your baby is approximately the size of a nectarine. His or her face is becoming more and more human and the eyes are pretty much in the right place. The roof of the mouth has developed completely and your baby has those cherubic cheeks thanks to the constant sucking reflexes.

Baby girls have the ovaries going into their pelvis. Baby boys have their prostate gland starting to form. This is a big week because your baby is really starting to take shape.

Now you have a general idea about what is happening with your baby and your body at this stage. Use this information to make the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure optimal health for yourself and your baby. Talk to your doctor about any concerns and make sure to keep all of your appointments.


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