23 Weeks Pregnant with Twins – What You Need to Know


Being 23 weeks pregnant with twins is a busy and exciting time for both mom and baby. At this point, you are already bonding with your babies and a number of things are happening. Knowing what to expect during this week of your pregnancy lets you know what is normal and what might warrant a call to your doctor. It also lets you know what is happening with your babies and their development.

Baby Growth and Development

Your twins are now about the size of eggplants to get an idea about how big they are. They are both about 11.5 inches long at this point in your pregnancy. Their abdominal circumference is about 7.5 inches and their head circumference is around 8.5 inches. The average weight for a baby at 23 weeks is 1.5 pounds.

You have probably noticed a lot of movement in your belly and this is normal. In fact, your twins are likely not sleeping at the same time, so one is awake at all times. This can result in you noticing movement all throughout the day and night.

Mom’s Growth and Changes

During this stage of your pregnancy, expect to gain an average of 1.25 to 2.00 pounds per week. This is normal and you will likely gain a total of 23 to 34 pounds over the course of your pregnancy with twins.

There are a number of changes that are normal at this point in your pregnancy that you want to know about. Between now and the end of your pregnancy, mood swings are common. You might find yourself smiling one moment and then the smallest change can leave you crying.

Heartburn and indigestion are common at this point and this is likely due to less abdominal space due to your growing babies. You might also notice that your belly button is now an innie and that your uterus is now about 1.5 inches above your belly button.

Fatigue is another common symptom at this time. You should get as much rest and possible and make sure that you make time to relax each day.

Another thing you should be on the lookout for is preterm labor as it can start to occur around this week of your pregnancy. Symptoms to look for include vaginal discharge, pressure on your pelvis and patterned contractions. If this does occur, call someone to take you to the hospital. There are things that doctors can do to help slow down your contractions and prevent you from delivering your babies until later in your pregnancy.

Use this article as a quick guide to keep an eye on your baby’s progress. Each baby has the same developmental milestones occurring, so you can track each of them simultaneously. If you have any questions about your pregnancy or what is happening with your babies, take a minute to call your doctor to ensure that everything is on the right track.


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