6 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect


6-weeks-pregnantWhen you are six weeks pregnant, you are approximately halfway into your second month of being pregnant and almost done with your first trimester. This is often the time when people start telling their friends and family that they are pregnant. This is an exciting time because your baby is really starting to take shape. Knowing about how your baby is progressing and what you can expect for yourself at this point in your pregnancy gives you a chance to fully enjoy the experience.

Your Belly at 6 Weeks Pregnant

At six weeks pregnant, you are starting to get a small baby bump and you can start to see it when you wear form-fitting clothing. If you are overweight, you might not see a visible belly at this point, but you will notice your belly starting to get a little harder. There are a number of other things that are happening with your body to know about too:

  • You are more moody and noticing some mood swings
  • You might be gently spotting, but if you notice any blood at all, talk to your doctor to ensure that it is harmless spotting and not something more serious, such as ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage
  • You might still have some fatigue and morning sickness hanging around at this point

Getting an Ultrasound at 6 Weeks Pregnant

At this point, many women are not eve aware that they are pregnant, but if you had a positive blood test result at your doctor’s office, your doctor might recommend that you have an ultrasound done. If he or she does not, this is okay too since your baby is very small at this point and there is not a lot to see on an ultrasound. If your doctor recommends an ultrasound at this point, it will likely be a traditional ultrasound and not the 3D version.

Your Baby at 6 Weeks Pregnant

Exciting progress is happening with your baby at this stage. To start off, his or her little heart is beating at a whopping 100 to 160 beats per minute. Blood is flowing, intestines are developing, the pituitary is forming and the lungs are starting to bud. Your baby’s brain, bones and muscles are also getting started. Your baby is approximately the size of a lentil and he or she is just a quarter inch long. At this point, your baby is starting to develop the characteristics of a tiny person.

At six weeks pregnant, you want to really start focusing on your nutrition. It is critical that you are eating well and getting all of the nutrients that both you and your baby need. Pay particular attention to nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium and the B vitamins. If you are having trouble getting enough of these vitamins in your diet, talk to your doctor about a high-quality prenatal vitamin. This works as a supplement to ensure that you and your baby are getting all of the necessary nourishment.


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