A hard lesson in life is one well earned


Having children who haven’t quite reached the teenage years yet, I am usually somewhat apprehensive when my friends complain and moan about their own children who have indeed reached this milestone. For instance, one friend emailed me to say that her 18 year old son who is studying Accounting at College insisted it wasn’t for him and decided that he now wanted to be a police officer. They of course agreed he should check out this new vocation but not leave College yet, and perhaps attend an information session. So when the day finally arrived, their son forgot to go and didn’t think anything more of it. “He has no understanding of the real world..” my friend complained. He is now talking about joining the army…..

My niece did a 4 year drama degree at College (with honours) and now can’t get a job except working at the local hardware store. She’s left home, renting and marrying a guy who makes pizzas for a living. He however is trying to better himself and decided to do a week’s massage course. I guess a massager makes more money than a pizza maker. They have no money, and have no saving goals for their future. But they do have a new car given to them from my sister and brother-in-law. My sister pays for all the insurance and registration. They buy her new clothes when she needs them too. My niece is also planning on buying the new iPhone 6 which cost about $1000 despite her iphone5 still working perfectly well.


I guess what I am trying to say here is that this new generation can’t seem to see much past the next day. I know there are a lot of great kids out there working hard, and this is just a couple of isolated incidents but I am hearing more about this Gen Y group in the media who are being brought up thinking they are special with inflated egos. I also heard a story recently that a teacher at a school graduation decided to be honest and explain to the kids at the ceremony that despite what they have been told by their parents, friends and family they are NOT special, and making their way in the world will be difficult.

Another friend of mine who works in the recruitment industry has said that Gen Y are a nightmare in the workplace – they never seem to do what you want, always have one foot out the door, are scheming and ambitious, never wanting to start at the bottom of the ladder. Some have even been known to use their cell phones during an interview.

We all want the best for our children and hope they end up making the right decisions in life, but it’s a hell of a long journey for us parents to know if we and they are doing the right thing or not. Me, I take one day at a time. I have no hesitation in telling my children they have done something wrong, but I also think they should be allowed to learn from their mistakes. To be honest I’m still learning as they grow older. My friend who has the 18 year old has said it can sometimes take several mistakes for her son to realize that the decision he chose was not the correct one – like parking illegally at college. Yes, despite getting several parking tickets I think he finally learnt his lesson after receiving the 6th one. An expensive lesson but one he hopes to not make again.

Has anyone else got similar stories? I’m happy to hear of them!


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