Being Pregnant with a Period


being-pregnant-with-a-periodIt is a common thought that no one has a period when they are pregnant, but whether or not this is true is often up for debate. If you are bleeding and believe that you could be pregnant, you certainly want to know if this is okay or not. Bleeding when you should not be can be scary and it could be a sign that something bad is happening. Because of this, you need to know whether being pregnant with a period is something you should contact your doctor about.

What is Menstruation and Its Role in Pregnancy

During menstruation, a lining develops on the uterus that is rich with blood. The purpose of this is to prepare for the implantation of an egg. The tissue will shed if no egg implantation occurs. The shedding of the lining is you see during your menstrual period.

If an egg does implant in the tissue, the lining is told to stay put due to hormones. A menstrual period does not occur because the lining does not shed. Until the end of your pregnancy, this lining is not going to shed.

As you can see, since the lining will not shed upon egg implantation, you cannot have a menstrual period during your pregnancy. The egg needs the lining to stay with the uterus so that egg implants and your fetus has a place to grow.

Bleeding When You Are Pregnant

If you are pregnant and you notice bleeding, this certainly catches your attention and for good reason. While a a little minor spotting is not always something to be concerned with, any blood during your pregnancy could indicate that something is wrong. Regardless of how light the bleeding is, you should call your doctor to make sure that nothing is wrong.

Bleeding can mean that something like infection, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or an issue with your placenta is occurring. All of these require immediate medical attention and because of this all bleeding should be immediately evaluated.

As you can see, having a period when pregnant is not possible based on how your reproductive system works. You can have bleeding, however, and if it occurs, you need to have it evaluated. If you notice any bleeding when pregnant, even just some minor spotting, you should go to your closest emergency room for evaluation.


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