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Breast pump has become one of the key needs for the mothers. Feeding babies at any point of the hour has become very convenient with the availability of the breast pumps. It should be remembered that every mother is different and so, their needs are going to vary. Some mothers need to attend office and hence, storing the milk is a good option. For other moms they may want to maintain their breast shape and require a breast pump! Just know what is right for you and you will always find it.

The good news is, breast pumps come in different budgets starting from $20 and going up to $400. Thus, you have got a bunch of choice to choose from. Let’s find out the best breast pump available in the market.

Top 10 breast pumps

[top_item number=”1″ text=”Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”81DIMiAdDbL” alt=”Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B00295MQLU” reviews=”3,769+”]

This product has topped the chart.

Advantages: This breast pump is not only affordable, but also efficient. The best part is you don’t need your hand to pump. It helps all the moms to multitask while pumping! The secure bottle holding design counts every drop of milk and there is no room for leakage.

Why to choose: The breast pump is versatile, comfortable and adjustable to your changing shape. This is an electric pump and works great for all mothers irrespective of your size or occupation. Don’t forget to check out this product. It might prove to be of immense help.

[top_item number=”2″ text=”Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”51XtUtc0TIL” alt=”Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B0006HBS1M” reviews=”1,204+”]

If you are looking for a manual breast pump and don’t want to go for automatic ones, then you may have this as a second option. It depends on your preference.

Advantages: This product is budget friendly and has many things to offer. It is lightweight and BPA free and offers 2-phase expression technology, swivel pumping and soft touch. The product includes bottle stand, manual pump, 5oz bottles with lids, nipple with collar, membranes and cap.

Why to choose: Too many features included in a manual pump!

[top_item number=”3″ text=”Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”81eYUoGeg5L” alt=”Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B00IJJRVR4″ reviews=”283+”]

Advantages: This is a high end model that guarantees protection and convenience both to the mother and the child. This is a double electric breast pump with power adapter. The best part about this product is it is compatible with all types of standard size bottles. In case the bottle of this breast pump loses its life you don’t have to spend extra money on buying bottles!

Why to choose: The product has patented 2-phase expression technology and includes carrying bag with handle along with two side storage pockets. This item has everything to offer you. It may pinch your pocket but you will be a relieved mom for sure!

[top_item number=”4″ text=”Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”71RADNJv-kL” alt=”Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B009YSYCZS” reviews=”412+”]

If you are looking for a complete kit that consists of every little thing a mother would require then this is the product for you. If you are thinking about price then yes, it is a bit pricy but the features it offers has won many hearts.

Advantages: The product is made of high quality material and is BPA free. It includes built in bottle holders to avoid spill, can be plugged in or run on AA batteries, 2-phase expression technology with one touch let down button, insulated cooler bag and ice pack, 24mm breast shields, personal fit connectors and valves. Store breast milk whenever required without worrying about bacteria invading in!

Why to choose: ensures quality without burning your wallet!

[top_item number=”5″ text=”Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”71sCHllPs%2BL” alt=”Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B004HWXCJS” reviews=”671+”]

Advantages: Philips has always been a trusted brand and there is no doubt that this breast pump has served many mothers in the best way possible. All you have to do is sit straight in order to pump. The breast pump has a built-in massage cushion to stimulate the milk flow. Your baby would never feel the difference as the bottle offers a real feel. It has an ergonomic handle and no complicated features. It is within everyone’s budget and serves as a great manual breast pump.

Why to choose: This product is meant for all types of mothers.

[top_item number=”6″ text=”Medela Freestyle Breast Pump”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”71WJBtl0ltL” alt=”Medela Freestyle Breast Pump” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B0013O9RX8″ reviews=”446+”]

Advantages: Want an advanced breast pump solution? Why not try the Medela freestyle breast pump? The product includes double breast pumps, 2 breast shields, 2-phase expression technology, memory button, lithium ion battery, 1 set of tubing, 2 freestyle breast shield connector bodies, 1 hands free accessory kit, 150 mL BPA-free breast milk bottles and lids, AC adapter, insulated cooler bag and ice pack, tote bag, and a special LCD display.

Why to choose: Basically you are getting everything in a single product. Buying things separately may cost you a fortune. It is best to go for kits if this is your need.

[top_item number=”7″ text=”Medela Breastpump – Swing”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”41AtIcaFrDL” alt=”Medela Breastpump – Swing” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B000LPZTQY” reviews=”479+”]

Advantages: Want to have a single bottle that with all the features? Get this bottle and your purpose will be solved! It includes features like 2 phase expression technology, bottle stand, two breast milk bottles, AC adapter, breast shield connector, valve, membranes, shoulder strap and bottle stand.

Why to choose: This is the lightest, smallest and the most affordable electric breast pump. Don’t forget to take a look at this product.

[top_item number=”8″ text=”Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pumpe”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”51h1dKSQ9-L” alt=”Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B00BLBLR1I” reviews=”191+”]

Advantages: It also has night light and timer to offer convenience. The product is known for its comfort and great motor performance. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort while pumping. You may use this product as a single or a double pump. The touch button enables you to choose the speed and rhythm. The product has different modes to choose from and you would be glad to have this at your home!

Why to choose: This product looks different and comes within your budget. It is compact, lightweight, quiet, and has fully adjustable program to suit your body.

[top_item number=”9″ text=”Spectra Baby USA Double/Single Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”61tjiE%2BZnrL” alt=”Spectra Baby USA Double/Single Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B00DBKFFJM” reviews=”125+”]

This is another model of the Spectra brand. If you are planning to spend a little more then this product is what you need.

Advantages: It comes with a rechargeable battery and weighs only 3.3 pound. The look of the product says it all. The product boasts ample features to make your life easy. It has a maximum suction strength of 350mmHg and has the ability to be used as a single or double pump. It includes digital controls, massage mode, 2 bottles and 2 bottle stands.

Why to choose: Complete quality assurance and great performance.

[top_item number=”10″ text=”The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump”] [/top_item]

[img_products img_code=”81oD7tTVnHL” alt=”The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B00A8VV44C” reviews=”25+”]

Advantages: It features an easy-to-use digital touch screen. This automatically tracks and stores data for up to 10 sessions! The unique handle allows you to double pump with one hand. The product includes custom designed tote bag, cooler bag with removable ice pack, 2 sizes of Flexi-fit breast shields, rechargeable battery pack and two 5 ounce Breast flow bottles with storage lids.

Why to choose: this is a breast pump below $70 that has all the features stored in. You must take a look to know more about the product.

How to buy a breast pump?

There are different types of breast pumps in the market to suit every mom’s needs. Let’s take a look:

  • Moms who want to pump more than once a day– There are top-end electric breast pumps for mothers who have the need to pump more than once a day. It saves a lot of time and energy as compared to manual pumps. A trusted brand will always provide the best quality pump. There are kits available where you can use both breasts to pump milk.
  • For pumping just once a day– You may choose either manual or a mid-ranged electric breast pump that does not cost much. These are lightweight and portable.
  • Using the manual pumps– Manual pumps are inexpensive and are great for mothers who want to pump milk in rare occasions or maybe once a day. These are lighter, quieter and easier to carry.

How to use a breast pump

Note: The breast pump used should be used only by a single person. You should never share the breast pump. Sharing may cause diseases that include HIV, cytomegalovirus and Hepatitis. Droplets of milk may contain bacteria and spreading is a common phenomenon if shared.



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