Can You Get Pregnant Without Penetration?


can-you-get-pregnant-without-penetrationCan you get pregnant without penetration? This is a question a lot of people have because it is a well-known fact that as long as sperm gets into the vagina it might result in pregnancy. Knowing more about this topic allows you to make the best possible choices when it comes to preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

How Pregnancy Occurs

Pregnancy occurs when a woman’s egg is fertilized by a man’s sperm. While the risk is low, this can happen even without penetration.

During sexual intercourse, semen is ejaculated from a man’s penis. This contains over 300 million separate sperm and it only takes one to cause pregnancy.

As soon as a man’s penis is erect and before ejaculation, pre-ejaculate is released. There are thousands of sperm in this liquid and the sperm in this liquid can result in pregnancy. Men cannot control the production and release of pre-ejaculate.

The sperm goes through the vagina and then makes it way to the cervix. It then heads into the fallopian tubes where it fertilizes an egg. The sperm from regular ejaculate and pre-ejaculate can result in a pregnancy.

Getting Pregnant Without Penetration

Without penetration, the following situations can sometimes cause sperm to get into a woman’s vagina and cause pregnancy:

  • If you or your partner can sperm on a finger and then touch the vagina, there is a chance that the sperm can enter the vaginal canal
  • An erect penis contacts the body close to the vagina and pre-ejaculate makes its way into the vaginal canal
  • A man ejaculates close to a woman’s vagina

Sperm can only live outside the body for a very small amount of time. But, women who do not want to become pregnant still need to be careful because why it is uncommon, sperm might still make its way into the vagina and then meet with an egg for fertilization. Be especially careful when you are ovulating since you are most fertile during this time.

Can you get pregnant without penetration? You now know the answer to this question so that you can ensure that you are as safe as possible when you are being intimate with your partner. Wearing a condom during all types of sexual intercourse is the best way to prevent accidental pregnancy, however, there is no method that is 100 percent effective.


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