Fitness for your 6-12 year old


fitness-for-6-12yrsWhen kids are at this age they need to be engaged in many physical activities. This works in strengthening and building their confidence, coordination and laying a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

This is the age where kids get numerous opportunities to be part of many activities at school. This can be in form of sports and other games which are suitable for interests, age and ability.

Kids are recommended by the National Association for Sports and Physical Education that school kids should participate in several events involving physical activities everyday of the week. These activities should last for a minimum of 15 minutes daily. Alternatively, children of this age should avoid being active for a period of more than two hours.

Physical Activities at Home

A child’s fitness does not always involve organized sports alone. As much as it is important to enroll your child for the softball team, kids should also get time to practice the games while they are at home at least once a week. That is, parents should not rely on physical education alone as a source of physical activities for the child.

The following are some tips that you can use to keep your kids moving at home:

  • Create enough time for free play at home for the kids. That way kids will have more fun as they burn extra calories. Some games such as riding bikes in the neighborhood and playing tag are some of the best games that children can engage in on a daily basis.
  • Develop a daily routine that involves engaging in physical activities. There are many activities that can be practiced such as assisting in household chores and taking walks after dinner. That is the best way of keeping your family active on a daily basis.
  • Purchase a variety of game equipments and provide them for the kids to use in playing. These do not have to be very expensive. Start with different types of balls, jumping ropes and hula-hoops.
  • Limit the time spent watching television, playing video games or going online.
  • Join the kids in their physical activities. Nearly all kids love playing with their parents from time to time.

When you have exploited all the possibilities at home, think of taking the kids to the community play grounds. This can be organized in the form of fitness outings. Make this a regular routine. All family members should be engaged in choosing the activities that the family will engage in. You can go ice skating, hiking or even try rock-climbing. Every family member should be encouraged to participate in these activities. You can emphasize the importance of exercises by participating in them on a regular basis.

When you introduce a 6-12 year old into a life-long habit of exercising you do a good thing for them. This goes all the way in preventing obesity. Many studies have shown that kids who are introduced to physical activities earlier in live stay active all their lives. The kids who engage in regular physical activity meet challenges and learn how to encounter them.

When you commit the kids to physical exercise, you limit the time that could otherwise be spent in front of a television or computer playing games. In addition to that, you become a role model by exercising with them regularly.

As a mom or a dad your duty will be to coach the kids or play a long. If that will not be possible you will just accompany them to the sports arena and join the cheering squad. Always pay a close attention to safety in sports as well as recreation.

Physical Fitness and Chronic Health Conditions

Always take extra care when dealing with kids who have disabilities or health problems. These kids should ideally see their doctor before engaging in any strenuous physical activity as it may accelerate or worsen their condition


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