Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid


foods-pregnant-women-should-avoidThere are certain foods that pregnant women should avoid to prevent issues during their pregnancy. It is important to have a list of foods to avoid handy so that when you are making your shopping list you can quickly check them off. Since nutrition plays such a critical role during pregnancy, this information is very important to have.


Seafood is not completely off limits when you are pregnant, but there are certain types that you need to avoid. Keep the following in mind to avoid when you are choosing the seafood you are going to eat while pregnant:

  • Fish shellfish that is raw or undercooked
  • Fish like tilefish, swordfish, king mackerel and shark that are high in mercury
  • Smoked or unpasteurized fish that is not cooked 100 percent
  • Pickled fish that is not cooked 100 percent

You can eat tuna, but only consume solid white or albacore canned tuna. Make sure that you only eat six ounces or less per week. This is due to the mercury content in this type of fish.


You can eat meat during your pregnancy, but you need to be careful to ensure that it is safe. Remember these tips when you are eating meat during pregnancy:

  • Meat or raw poultry that is undercooked
  • Never eat meats that are refrigerated unless you know that they are 100 percent cooked
  • Dry sausages or undercooked sausage (you must only eat 100 percent cooked sausage and other pork)

Eggs and Dairy

Eggs and dairy provide a lot of important nutrition when you are pregnant, but you must ensure that you are eating these foods safely. First and foremost, never eat raw eggs because this puts you at risk for salmonella poisoning. Know the foods that have raw eggs in them and make sure to avoid them.

You should only consume pasteurized milk and cheese to ensure safety. You can read the labels on these products to ensure this.

Foods to Never Eat During Pregnancy

There are a number of foods to never eat when you are pregnant and these include:

  • Brie cheese: There is a risk of you experiencing listeriosis when consuming this cheese.
  • Feta cheese: There is a risk of you experiencing listeriosis when consuming this type of cheese.
  • Liver: You have to limit vitamin A during pregnancy and liver is too high in this vitamin.
  • Deli meats: These meats put you at risk for experiencing listeriosis.
  • Raw sprouts: There is a high risk of experiencing a bad case of food poisoning with this food.
  • Nitrate-rich foods: Nitrates might cause health problems if you consume too much of them and foods that contain them have little nutritional value.
  • Unwashed produce: There is the risk of consuming pesticides.

Now you know about the foods pregnant women should avoid. Certain foods can be harmful to a fetus and you want to avoid this. Use the information above and talk to your doctor to ensure that your diet is completely baby-friendly.


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