How to cook when you a child with diabetes


diabetesThere are some precautions that need to be taken when you have a child with diabetes. There are some foods to avoid and carbs to watch. That way you will help be helping your child to live a healthy life.

Proper food preparation and a healthy diet is the key solution for someone with diabetes. Medical experts advise that there is no need to buy special foods for kids with diabetes. All you need to do is prepare the same healthy foods that you prepare for people without diabetes.

That will include a lot of fruits, whole grains and maintain a low concentration of fats and sweets.

Always remember, it is important to note the amount of blood and food glucose levels. The people who are diabetic should watch to make sure that their glucose level is not kept too high or too low. This can be attained by checking the blood glucose level on a regular basis. In addition you can also regulate the dosage of insulin as well as the amount of carbohydrate taken into their bodies. It is a good idea to maintain the amount of carbohydrates consumed each day. Make sure your child eats and snacks regularly. They should never skip any meals.

For diabetics, carbohydrates are extremely important. This is because these foods have an effect on glucose levels. Blood glucose is not affected by proteins and fats.

Foods such as dried beans, fruit, rice and pasta have lots of carbohydrates.

When preparing food for a diabetic child, it is important to take into account the following diabetic food pyramid. This pyramid shows you how to make the best food choice for a person with diabetes. There is a code made up of six colors and each represents a different type of food.

The food pyramid is very effective in ensuring that a person with diabetes eats from a variety of food groups. Such people should consume foods which are considered to be in their natural state. These are: fresh vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits and whole grains. These are the foods that also provide vitamins fiber and minerals.


The next category consists of milk, eggs, meat products, fats, sweets and fish. The foods with refined sugars do not have a lot of calories. That is why they have little nutrients. These tend to contain lots of cholesterol and saturated fats.

Diabetic kids should not only consume the right foods but also the right amounts. As a parent take care on the sizes of the food served for such children. American are said to serve supersized portions of food.

Take note on how to serve various types of foods:

  • Fish: Try to serve your child with fish three times a week. Fish is rich in fatty acids which are good for protecting the heart.
  • Fruits: You short make available a minimum of five servings of fruits on a daily basis. A medium-sized banana or apple is equivalent to five servings.
  • Vegetables: Serve servings a day will serve the purpose.
  • Meat Protein: Limited the amount of meat served to four ounces per day. There are other proteins that can act as a substitute for food. These are: beans, cheese, eggs and tofu.
  • Dairy: Serve milk with low fat content two or three times a day.
  • Starches: Choose between 4 and 11 servings every day. This depends on calories needed. You can choose between pasta, corn, bread, potatoes and beans.

If you follow those tips highlighted above, I am sure you will take good care of your child with diabetes.


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