How to guide on using coupons effectively


Couponing is the art of using shopping skills and saving money. It’s even been made into a reality series. In order to use coupons effectively, you do need to avoid the temptations to purchase unnecessary products. What we don’t want you to buy is 50+ bottles of mustard. Do not just buy because you have a coupon for something that you have seen. Avoid going out there to get it because you will lose more money than you will be making.


Compare prices in different stores and evaluate their coupons policy

Even stores owned by one company can have different rules on ways of handling coupons.

It is also important to research on the prevailing redeeming value for the store. The main reason for this is that some stores double or triple the value of coupons. On the other hand, there are stores that do not change the value of the coupons. That means people who stay in areas where the value of coupons is multiplied have a chance of buying the products at lower prices.

Learn more about stacking

This is the process through which a person applies a coupon at the store with the one of the manufacturers. Supercenters and drug stores have their own store coupons for their customers. If a store’s coupon policy allows using such coupons alongside the valid supplied coupons by the manufacturer, the better. A large number of grocery stores may sometimes provide their own coupons from their special booklets. This is common practice during the holidays.

Always have your antennas open for the weekly sale fliers

These are known as the “loss leaders” for the stores. In other words they are items that are underpriced. Some of the common products that go at the lowest prices are the holiday items such as chocolate chips, potato chips and cranberry sauce.

Always make it a point of comparing the sale prices at the stores and the final prices after using your coupons. For the store that doubles the value of their coupons, the prices will be lower as compared to others that do not double the coupon values.

Make a list

Get an index card and make a list of all items that you are planning to buy and match them with their coupons. Alternatively, you can do some calculations on the side so as to get a rough idea on what you are intending to spend on each item.

Sort out the coupons

For each store keep the coupons in different envelops. This is important to make sure that there is no confusion when you are ready to go shopping.


Stick to your shopping List

All items not included in your list should always be avoided. This is one of the common mistakes that people commit when they go out shopping for groceries. The initial money they carry gets spent elsewhere. Sticking to the shopping list helps you to avoid impulse buying.

All these couponing processes that we have defined above looks like it will consume a lot of your time. That should not be the case. No one wants to spend hours clipping coupons just to save a few dollars.
When couponing is done the right way, you will not spend more than one hour per week. For those people who have done this in the past, they have saved thousands of dollars every single year.

The best place to get the grocery coupons is to utilize the sites that offer printable coupon websites such as Grocery Coupon Network. You should always start with a small goal in mind such as reducing your expenses by 10 per cent every month.

If you use lots of coupons every month, it is advisable to keep those coupons organized in a binder. Then, work on weeding out your coupons every week. Remove all the old coupons because you will not like to get caught using expired coupons for shopping.

Good luck with your couponing!


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