How to Soothe a Teething Baby


teething-baby2It can be frustrating soothing a teething baby especially if you have already exhausted all your options. Some parents’ think that they have done and tried everything, but there is hope out there.

Soothing a teething baby can be a difficult task for parents, but there are some effective tips. If you are one of the many parents who are struggling with this problem, then the information below will definitely help you.

Gums Numbing

One of the most effective ways is allowing the gums of your baby to feel numb for a while. The reason behind this is because the numbness of the gum will let your baby not feel any pain for a while. Since babies love chewing when they are teething, you can let her chew a clean cloth that is chilled. You may also use a teething ring and chill it in the fridge for a while, but make sure that it is not frozen because the coldness can cause more pain. You can also use gels for numbing. Of course just make sure to apply the right amount and avoid putting on too much as this will make your baby more annoyed.

Massaging the Gums

You can try to help your baby by massaging the gums with a clean finger. By massaging them firmly you will create a soothing effect for your baby. You can do this once in a while and just make sure not overdo it, and don’t get bitten!

Taking Medicines

OK, sometimes when all other avenues have been tried, and your baby is crying constantly from pain and your own head is spinning, a small dose of acetaminophen or an ibuprofen may be in order. Of course always consult your baby’s doctor or pharmacist first before letting your baby take anything.


Yes patience IS a virtue! At least that’s what they tell us. A teething baby requires a lot of patience by the parent. If your baby is in pain and awake all night, chances are so are you. If you feel annoyed or irritated, your baby will surely feel it too, which will only make them feel more uncomfortable. Playing some nice soothing music for him and for you just might calm you both down. Providing your baby a loving and warm environment will help with the pain that he is currently feeling at the moment.

But you should always remember that this is an essential part of parenthood and while this period will not last forever, just remember all the other parents experiencing the same issue.


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