How to tell Your Parents You Are Pregnant


how-to-tell-your-parents-you-are-pregnantGetting pregnant at a young age is never easy and telling your parents about the news can be downright scary. There are some tips you can use to make breaking the news a bit easier. Make sure that you approach the subject calmly because there are sure to be emotions.

Do It Sooner Instead of Later

The longer you want to break the news, the harder it is going to be for all of you. As soon as you learn about your pregnancy, it is time to make a plan to let your parents know you are pregnant.

Make the Time to Talk

This is going to be a conversation, so do not tell them when all of you are rushing around to get to school and work. Make sure there are at least two hours just in case the conversation goes on for a long time.

Talk to Someone Else First

Make sure that you talk to someone else first so that you know that you have someone on your side if your parents get angry or quiet. A sibling, another family or a close friend is best for this role.

Be Straightforward

When it comes time to have this talk, you have to be straightforward with what you need to say. Just tell them you are pregnant. This will make it easiest for everyone to know and get started with the next chapter.

Do Not Take it Personally

Your parents might be hurt or angry, so take whatever they say with a grain of salt. Your parents love you, but this is a lot for them to take in, so keep this in mind when they break the news. If the conversation is not going well, politely excuse yourself so that they can sort out their feelings.

Pressure Might Occur

Remember that your parents are shocked about your news and this might cause them to jump the gun and try to dictate your choices. Remember that this if your baby and your body. If the pressure continues, talk to a school counselor or a similar party to get advice about what is going to be the best choice for you.

Bring Your Partner

Having the father of the baby present shows maturity and it is important because everyone has to work together for the greater good of the baby. Getting your partner and both sets of parents together is best so that everyone learns of the news at once. This can make it a lot less stressful for you and your partner since you only have to share your news one time.

Now you have a better idea about how to break the news to your parents about you being pregnant. Make sure that you give them some time to process the information since it is a lot to take in. You also want to make sure that you have someone you trust to confide in during this time.


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