Natural Ways to Get Pregnant Naturally


Get pregnant naturally sounds a bit traditional in this modern era where medical technology becomes more and more advanced and sophisticated. Almost every process under to the field of obstetric and gynecology can be made happen successfully.

Conception, for instance, since long could be performed in-vitro or outside the womb. Then the fertilized egg, after a short period of time, will be implanted in the receiving womb of the mother. Thus, such technology will discard the sexual act as one of the natural process chain of getting pregnant.

I personally, maybe also lots of other people, feel that such way to get pregnant is a bit inhuman, or at least loses the sense of humanity, the emotional relationship between a man and woman in creating their offspring is gone. Technology is good, but sometimes it becomes too “robotic”.

Understanding the concept of “Natural Treatment”

I myself perceive natural treatment as any curative and preventive means which is based on each and every natural process of a living well being using all possible means of bare nature that God provides us. Any deviation that may lead to a disease or disorder should be rectified using the power from within.

If somebody get a disease, the treatment will focusing on strengthening the defense mechanism of our body, not merely destroying external causes. The curative agents should be taken from the nature, like leaves, roots, flowers or any part of a healing plant, rather than administering chemical substances which possesses higher possibilities to be harmful to our body.

A very old tradition of natural healing using herbal remedies is recognized as the Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM). TCM could be considered as the oldest and comprehensive natural healing system in the world. It is also the safest and most effective system of health care, which has maintained the health and longevity of the world’s oldest ongoing Chinese civilization for more than 5.000 years.

TCM resembles a very old tree that continues to show its existence and keep growing to provide the best selection of herbal remedies to support the health care system of human in addition to the treatment of various today’s diseases. The origin of this system is the ancient Great Principle of Yin and Yang, the Five Elemental Energies and other primeval principles of Tao. For this reason, healing herbs and Chinese herbal formulas are able to cover a broad field of human health care and cures.

Applying natural treatment to your problem

As the above view seems to be very traditional compared to the modern medical knowledge and practices, the critical question now is: “Does natural treatment work to get you pregnant?”

Well, it still works and more and more people are considering natural treatment as an alternative treatment after modern ways do not deliver what is expected.

Healing herbs

Healing herbs are used as an integrated element of a holistic healing concept. Every healing herb or plant has its own characteristics which are translated into the great principle of equilibrium as warm and cold, sweet and bitter, dry and wet, positive and negative and so forth.

Diseases and disorders are also translated in the same manner following this principle. There are several herbs which are recognized and used to boost fertility such as red raspberry leaves, chaste berry, false unicorn, red clover and evening primrose oil.

Yoga and meditation

These are the alternative means to improve fertility and could increase the chances to get pregnant. It as been scientifically proven, that yoga and meditation are of great value in helping to conceive. It seems that they work on the peace of mind and balancing of the mind, body and spirit

Fertility Massage

Fertility massage sessions are really beneficial to relieve stress and tension. By managing your stress, you will be able to improve your health and ate the same time increases the chance to get pregnant. These are series of massage session to improve reproductive system health, menstrual cycle and fertility. Massage can be taught to apply self fertility massage to yourself.


Acupuncture in combination with healing herbs has been used since long ago to treat some infertility causes. It can not be used to treat cases of tubal adhesion such as in endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. This is performed by the mean of very thin and sterile needles which are inserted into specific points of the body that are located on a pathway that controls a specific body part and function.

Today, many western doctors perform such kind of treatment and are often an official course of therapy combined with modern medicines.


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