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Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster?


When you are pregnant, your primary concern is the health of your baby and your diet has a lot to do with your baby’s health. You surely know about the foods you need to eat, but do you know which ones to avoid? It is important to understand food restrictions, especially when it comes to lobster and other seafood.

Eating Lobster During Pregnancy

Can-Pregnant-Women-Eat-LobsterPregnant women can eat lobster, but must eat no more than six ounces per week. It is critical that this lobster be fully cooked and pregnant women should never consume raw lobster. They also must never eat the guts or organs of a lobster or any type of shellfish. Breastfeeding women should follow the same guidelines to keep their baby safe.

Women also want to limit and avoid other types of seafood during pregnancy. Crab and tuna should be kept to a maximum of six ounces per week just like lobster. Certain seafood types should be avoided completely, including:

  • Swordfish
  • King mackerel
  • Shark
  • Tilefish

Experts recommend that pregnant women do eat some seafood during pregnancy since fish and other seafood types contain a number of nutrients that are critical during pregnancy, including Omega-3 fatty acids. The seafood that is generally safe during pregnancy includes:

  • Shrimp
  • Pollock
  • Anchovies
  • Salmon
  • Catfish
  • Trout

Make sure that you only eat eight to 12 ounces per week of these seafood and fish options. This equates to approximately two meals since the average seafood meal is approximately four ounces per serving. The seafood must be cooked completely and pregnant women must never consume fish or seafood raw to ensure absolute safety.

Why is Lobster a Big Deal During Pregnancy?

Lobster should be limited because it naturally contains mercury. If a pregnant women consumes a food that contains mercury, she can pass this heavy metal onto her baby. If a pregnant woman consumes too much mercury during pregnancy, this can negatively impact the baby’s brain and nervous system. In most cases, the negative effects will affect the child all throughout their life. Issues like mental retardation and improper nervous system development are possible consequences of too much mercury during pregnancy.

Now you know that you can eat lobster, but it must be a minimal amount and properly prepared. Some doctors will recommend that you skip it completely. Talk to your doctor if you are in doubt about lobster or any other foods.

9 Weeks Pregnant with Twins – What to Know About Being


Whether this is your first pregnancy or you already have children, being pregnant with twins is a completely new experience. There are things to know that do not occur with single fetus births. It is a good idea to know what happens and what to expect during every week of your pregnancy. When you are nine weeks pregnant with twins, you should understand what is happening to your body and the development of your babies. You also want to make sure that you are doing everything necessary for healthy fetal development.


Size and Development

At nine weeks pregnant, your babies are approximately one gram in weight and four centimeters long. Their intestines, extremities and kidneys are rapidly developing at this time. Make sure that you are getting enough folic acid, calcium and vitamin D to support your health and the health of your babies during this time.

Physical Changes Mom Might Notice

A number of physical changes occur at and around the nine week mark of your pregnancy. You might experience iron deficiency anemia at this time and this is more common in women pregnant with multiples. This is due to a reduction in red blood cells coupled with an overall increase in your blood supply. Just make sure to eat more iron-rich foods and have your blood tested for your iron levels. Your healthcare provider can also prescribe a supplement to keep your iron levels up.

You might notice some appetite changes during this time. You can have aversions or cravings for certain smells or foods. Nausea is also possible and this can affect your ability to eat. It is important that you find a way to get adequate nutrition. Some women find it easier to drink their calories and might do something like juice fresh produce to get their nutrients and calories. Remember that it is perfectly fine to also treat yourself to foods you enjoy in moderation.

A decrease in your libido is perfectly normal around this time in your pregnancy. Talk to your partner so that they are aware and know what is happening. While your libido can decrease, an increase in your desire for intimacy is common. You can safely have sex during this time in your pregnancy if you are your partner are in the mood.

Since you are still in your first trimester, all of the common physical changes that occur are possible during your ninth week. These are all common and unless they are severe or getting worse, they are generally not something to worry about. The following can all occur during and around this time of your pregnancy:

  • Breast tenderness
  • Constipation
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased heart rate
  • Morning sickness
  • Bleeding gums
  • Breathlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Decrease or increase in saliva
  • Nipple leakage
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Sexual desire changes

Skin Changes Mom Might Notice

Complexion changes and stretch marks are not uncommon during this time in your pregnancy. Remember that this is normal, but there are things you can do to minimize both. The complexion changes come from an increase in your blood volume and this can cause that pregnancy glow you often hear about. There is also a chance for parts of your skin getting darker or for acne to occur. To keep your skin as healthy as possible, it is important to follow a good skincare routine. Make sure that the products that you choose are high in quality and aimed at your skin type.

The following are components of a good skincare routine you should use at all times, but especially during pregnancy:

  • Facial cleaner: Wash your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser
  • Astringent or toner: If your skin is oily, this product can help to absorb excess oil
  • Moisturizer: All skin types need a good moisturizer twice a day
  • Face mask: Choose a mask that targets your skin type and use it approximately twice a week to balance your skin
  • Exfoliator: This is especially important if you have oily skin because it removes dead skin cells and impurities
  • Sunscreen: Your skin might be more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy, so sunscreen is critical, especially during the first trimester

If stretch marks are a concern, you want to make sure that you regularly moisturize the areas of your body where they might occur or are occurring. Use a thick emollient lotion and/or vitamin E oil to keep your skin moisturized.

Seeing Your Chosen Healthcare Provider

You will see your healthcare provider around this time to learn more about your pregnancy. During this visit, your healthcare provider will be examining the health of yourself and your babies. Since you are pregnant with multiples, your provider might put your pregnancy into the high risk classification. This does not mean that something is wrong. It just means that your health and the health of your babies will be more closely monitored since you have two developing babies.

During your visit with your healthcare provider, expect to be there for approximately one hour. There are a number of things your provider might do during this visit, including:

  • Checking your weight to document a loss or a gain
  • Checking your lungs and heart
  • Measuring your uterus height
  • Doing a urine screen to look for sugar, blood or any bacteria
  • Checking your pulse, respiratory rate and blood pressure
  • Performing a breast exam
  • Externally palpating your uterus
  • Checking the fetal heartbeat of both of your babies

Now you know what to expect and do when you are nine weeks pregnant with twins. Keep a chart or a journal to document your pregnancy and make notes of what you need to do for week nine and all of the other weeks. This allows you to keep track of everything happening and if something abnormal were to occur, you can quickly get the right attention for yourself and your babies. This will aid you in promoting a healthy pregnancy and allow you to better bond with your babies throughout the process.

Can Precum Get You Pregnant?


precumIf you are trying to prevent pregnancy, it is critical to understand fertility and when sperm is present in a man’s ejaculate. Remember that it only takes one sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg and result in pregnancy. The only way to fully prevent pregnancy is abstinence, but since most couples have intercourse as a part of intimacy, you must understand when sperm is there and then you will be able to take the steps necessary to prevent pregnancy if this is your goal.

What is Pre-Ejaculate?

The Cowper’s gland is responsible for creating the pre-ejaculate. The testicles are responsible for making sperm. Because of this, it was previously believed that pre-ejaculate contained no sperm, but this has since been proven untrue. In fact, approximately 40 percent of men have at least traces of sperm in their pre-ejaculate. These traces can result in pregnancy so those who are trying to prevent pregnancy should not write off pre-ejaculate and think that its presence still means that they are safe.

Pre-Ejaculate and Its Impact on Fertility

Many couples use the pulling out method as a way to prevent pregnancy, but in approximately 40 percent of cases it will not be effective. If sperm even reaches the vaginal opening, they have the ability to travel up the reproductive tract and cause pregnancy. The majority of men cannot tell exactly when they are going to ejaculate, so the pulling out method is rarely an effective means to prevent pregnancy. It is critical that couples use other methods of birth control to prevent pregnancy or else they are taking about a 40 percent risk of pregnancy.

Preventing Pregnancy and Staying Safe

There are a number of birth control methods that both men and women can use to prevent pregnancy. Some methods will also reduce the risk of sexually transmitted disease (STD) transmission. Birth control pills, shots and implants are only available to women and while they are largely effective in preventing conception, they offer no protection against STDs. Women can also use a diaphragm that is inserted into the vagina before intercourse, but this too only prevents pregnancy and not STDs.

Male condoms offer protection against most STDs and pregnancy, but the protection against both is not 100 percent. It is critical that a man wears the right size and applies it to the penis properly to get the right level of protection. There are a number of sizes available and the packaging for condoms provides general information that will help men to choose the right size for the proper fit.

Remember that no method of birth control is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. It is best to use at least two different birth control methods to reduce pregnancy chances by approximately 98 percent. In many cases, women will use a type of internal birth control, such as a birth control pill, IUD, implant or injection. Then, men will use a male condom. This offers the most protection against pregnancy and it also helps to protect both parties against STDs.

Now you have the information that you need to prevent pregnancy if this is your goal. Make sure that regardless of your pregnancy intentions that you always practice safe sex. Pregnancy is not the only thing you want to prevent, especially if you are having sex with a new partner. The information in the preventing pregnancy section also covers what you need to know to keep yourself safer from STDs. Remember that just as with pregnancy, the only way to be fully safe from STDs is to abstain from sex.

Reading books to babies


reading-to-babiesA question that often pops up for parents is: “When should I start reading to my baby?”. It is advisable to read to your baby right from the start. Never wait till your baby can talk. Start it right from infancy. Reading will teach your baby to recognize rhythm and sounds of any language. They will start enjoying you read books to them straight away. It becomes not only comforting but also fun. This is also a good way for older siblings and grandparents to bond with the baby.

Numerous studies have shown that babies who are read to earlier in life develop great language skills. They also develop a great interest in reading books. This makes them ready to attend school.

Read regularly to your baby, and choose a specific time when you both can relax. The most appropriate is at bedtime. At the start let the reading take a few minutes. With time, you can extend that into longer sessions when the child grows older.


Always identify the most comfortable place to read from. Make sure all distractions are shut off. Television and radio should be shut off to increase the baby’s concentration. Use different voices to make the story more interesting. When you change a character, change the voice as well. Also try to act out parts of the story to be more interesting.

Children get interested in different types of books depending on their age life experiences and development. Babies love those books with interesting pictures to look at. If you have a toddler, buy books that make noises and have some fold-out parts that need to be unfolded to reveal something interesting.

The pre-scholars prefer books dotted with elaborate images, interesting stories, funny words and rhymes. In general children may be glued to books about baseball players, animals, princess and trucks. In addition to that, books with children as characters are also very appealing. To find out what are the favorite books for your child, you will have to try out as many books as possible in order to discover their preferences. There are some books which are highly respected by children. For instance, Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat series and many other new books are master pieces.

You can visit your local library or book stores to get a clue into the different types of books available for your baby. The following tips are important when you are reading to your child:

Babies aged 0 to 1 year:

Make a habit of holding the baby close as you read, sing or talk to your baby. When the babies reach 3 months of age, they will enjoy looking at colors, faces and shapes. She will start making sounds and reaching out to touch the pictures. At this stage choose books with interesting textures and pictures.

When the baby reaches age 6-12 months, they will be able to sit on your lap as they look at the pictures. They may also put the book in their mouth. At this age, point out the pictures and spell out the names for them.

One to two year olds

At this age your child will be enjoying choosing the book themselves for the reading session. They will also be able to turn the pages on their own without your assistance. Ask guiding questions such as “where is the lion?” Then allow your child to point out.

Age 18 to 24 months:

At this age your child will start naming familiar images. She will also be able to fill in words in familiar stories. Encourage her to read even to her dolls and recite some of the stories to other family members. As you read ask questions and give time for your child to supply with the right answers.

That is a brief guide on how to start reading to your baby at home in preparation for school life.

Fitness for your 6-12 year old


fitness-for-6-12yrsWhen kids are at this age they need to be engaged in many physical activities. This works in strengthening and building their confidence, coordination and laying a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

This is the age where kids get numerous opportunities to be part of many activities at school. This can be in form of sports and other games which are suitable for interests, age and ability.

Kids are recommended by the National Association for Sports and Physical Education that school kids should participate in several events involving physical activities everyday of the week. These activities should last for a minimum of 15 minutes daily. Alternatively, children of this age should avoid being active for a period of more than two hours.

Physical Activities at Home

A child’s fitness does not always involve organized sports alone. As much as it is important to enroll your child for the softball team, kids should also get time to practice the games while they are at home at least once a week. That is, parents should not rely on physical education alone as a source of physical activities for the child.

The following are some tips that you can use to keep your kids moving at home:

  • Create enough time for free play at home for the kids. That way kids will have more fun as they burn extra calories. Some games such as riding bikes in the neighborhood and playing tag are some of the best games that children can engage in on a daily basis.
  • Develop a daily routine that involves engaging in physical activities. There are many activities that can be practiced such as assisting in household chores and taking walks after dinner. That is the best way of keeping your family active on a daily basis.
  • Purchase a variety of game equipments and provide them for the kids to use in playing. These do not have to be very expensive. Start with different types of balls, jumping ropes and hula-hoops.
  • Limit the time spent watching television, playing video games or going online.
  • Join the kids in their physical activities. Nearly all kids love playing with their parents from time to time.

When you have exploited all the possibilities at home, think of taking the kids to the community play grounds. This can be organized in the form of fitness outings. Make this a regular routine. All family members should be engaged in choosing the activities that the family will engage in. You can go ice skating, hiking or even try rock-climbing. Every family member should be encouraged to participate in these activities. You can emphasize the importance of exercises by participating in them on a regular basis.

When you introduce a 6-12 year old into a life-long habit of exercising you do a good thing for them. This goes all the way in preventing obesity. Many studies have shown that kids who are introduced to physical activities earlier in live stay active all their lives. The kids who engage in regular physical activity meet challenges and learn how to encounter them.

When you commit the kids to physical exercise, you limit the time that could otherwise be spent in front of a television or computer playing games. In addition to that, you become a role model by exercising with them regularly.

As a mom or a dad your duty will be to coach the kids or play a long. If that will not be possible you will just accompany them to the sports arena and join the cheering squad. Always pay a close attention to safety in sports as well as recreation.

Physical Fitness and Chronic Health Conditions

Always take extra care when dealing with kids who have disabilities or health problems. These kids should ideally see their doctor before engaging in any strenuous physical activity as it may accelerate or worsen their condition

How to guide on using coupons effectively


Couponing is the art of using shopping skills and saving money. It’s even been made into a reality series. In order to use coupons effectively, you do need to avoid the temptations to purchase unnecessary products. What we don’t want you to buy is 50+ bottles of mustard. Do not just buy because you have a coupon for something that you have seen. Avoid going out there to get it because you will lose more money than you will be making.


Compare prices in different stores and evaluate their coupons policy

Even stores owned by one company can have different rules on ways of handling coupons.

It is also important to research on the prevailing redeeming value for the store. The main reason for this is that some stores double or triple the value of coupons. On the other hand, there are stores that do not change the value of the coupons. That means people who stay in areas where the value of coupons is multiplied have a chance of buying the products at lower prices.

Learn more about stacking

This is the process through which a person applies a coupon at the store with the one of the manufacturers. Supercenters and drug stores have their own store coupons for their customers. If a store’s coupon policy allows using such coupons alongside the valid supplied coupons by the manufacturer, the better. A large number of grocery stores may sometimes provide their own coupons from their special booklets. This is common practice during the holidays.

Always have your antennas open for the weekly sale fliers

These are known as the “loss leaders” for the stores. In other words they are items that are underpriced. Some of the common products that go at the lowest prices are the holiday items such as chocolate chips, potato chips and cranberry sauce.

Always make it a point of comparing the sale prices at the stores and the final prices after using your coupons. For the store that doubles the value of their coupons, the prices will be lower as compared to others that do not double the coupon values.

Make a list

Get an index card and make a list of all items that you are planning to buy and match them with their coupons. Alternatively, you can do some calculations on the side so as to get a rough idea on what you are intending to spend on each item.

Sort out the coupons

For each store keep the coupons in different envelops. This is important to make sure that there is no confusion when you are ready to go shopping.


Stick to your shopping List

All items not included in your list should always be avoided. This is one of the common mistakes that people commit when they go out shopping for groceries. The initial money they carry gets spent elsewhere. Sticking to the shopping list helps you to avoid impulse buying.

All these couponing processes that we have defined above looks like it will consume a lot of your time. That should not be the case. No one wants to spend hours clipping coupons just to save a few dollars.
When couponing is done the right way, you will not spend more than one hour per week. For those people who have done this in the past, they have saved thousands of dollars every single year.

The best place to get the grocery coupons is to utilize the sites that offer printable coupon websites such as Grocery Coupon Network. You should always start with a small goal in mind such as reducing your expenses by 10 per cent every month.

If you use lots of coupons every month, it is advisable to keep those coupons organized in a binder. Then, work on weeding out your coupons every week. Remove all the old coupons because you will not like to get caught using expired coupons for shopping.

Good luck with your couponing!

Short Guide for parenting teenagers


teenagersWhen you enter into a disciplinary arms race, there are no winners. The only outcome is getting sore throats and hurt feelings as well as rising blood pressure. In real sense, parenting does not have to be a battle. Psychology experts have shown us that kids can behave positively without using bribes, threats or yelling at them.

In this article, we are going to list important tips that can help set your teenager in the right direction. If these tips are followed you may get a peaceful and strong relationship with them.

Aim at controlling yourself as opposed to controlling your child

Experts will agree with me that it is hard to keep cool on the heat of the moment. Parents are expected to be good examples for their children. They should model the behavior that they want their teenagers to emulate. Always bear in mind that yelling will be answered with counter yelling. This kind of scenario will be chaotic. We have to avoid doing things in front of our children that we do not want them to do.

If your child engages in extreme behavior flare-up, then you will control yourself by counting to 10 and taking a deep breath. Alternatively, you can simply walk away until you cool down.

Always keep your voice down because anger and frustration are known to feed misbehavior.

Always try to understand the meaning behind a particular behavior

In her book “Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves”, Naomi Aldort writes that children always want to behave well and if that is not the case, then, there is a reason for that. Therefore, it is our job as parents to find out what is the reason behind that behavior. A problem understood is half solved. Using that knowledge try to heal the emotions and the child will not behave badly anymore. So when your child hits his siblings it is a way of attracting your attention.

Be Consistent in your actions

Parents make a mistake of overlooking certain behavior with the belief that they will go away. That never happens. If your child hits another child for instance, it is your duty to tell that child that that behavior is not acceptable. If the behavior continues, then, that is the right time to take away the child from the situation.

In some cases, the child may want to challenge the rules by making an argument. If this happens, repeat this mantra now and again “I love you so much and do not want to argue with you.”

Encourage the behavior that you like

As we stated earlier, a child engages in bad behavior because they want to attract your attention. It is a good idea sometimes to ignore such actions you do not approve. If your child engages in tantrums or whining, just ignore them by walking away and from that response your child will learn a better way of communicating with you.

Exploit the “energy drain”

Always use your child’s fatigue for your own advantage. This is referred by some experts as the “energy drain” principle. A good example is to tell the child that she or he needs to take his fights somewhere else.

Redirect, redirect

When teenagers hear the word “no” for a number of times, they learn to tune it out. Do not tell your child what to do or not to do. What you need to do is to offer them a positive behavior that will replace the wrong behavior.

Avoid bribing your teenagers

In most cases you may be tempted to offer some biscuits to your child for behaving well during an outing but this is not the direction to go. A reward for good behavior sends a wrong message to them. Experts say that the best reward for good behavior is spending more time with them. Spending quality time is the best way towards a well-behaved child.

How to cook when you a child with diabetes


diabetesThere are some precautions that need to be taken when you have a child with diabetes. There are some foods to avoid and carbs to watch. That way you will help be helping your child to live a healthy life.

Proper food preparation and a healthy diet is the key solution for someone with diabetes. Medical experts advise that there is no need to buy special foods for kids with diabetes. All you need to do is prepare the same healthy foods that you prepare for people without diabetes.

That will include a lot of fruits, whole grains and maintain a low concentration of fats and sweets.

Always remember, it is important to note the amount of blood and food glucose levels. The people who are diabetic should watch to make sure that their glucose level is not kept too high or too low. This can be attained by checking the blood glucose level on a regular basis. In addition you can also regulate the dosage of insulin as well as the amount of carbohydrate taken into their bodies. It is a good idea to maintain the amount of carbohydrates consumed each day. Make sure your child eats and snacks regularly. They should never skip any meals.

For diabetics, carbohydrates are extremely important. This is because these foods have an effect on glucose levels. Blood glucose is not affected by proteins and fats.

Foods such as dried beans, fruit, rice and pasta have lots of carbohydrates.

When preparing food for a diabetic child, it is important to take into account the following diabetic food pyramid. This pyramid shows you how to make the best food choice for a person with diabetes. There is a code made up of six colors and each represents a different type of food.

The food pyramid is very effective in ensuring that a person with diabetes eats from a variety of food groups. Such people should consume foods which are considered to be in their natural state. These are: fresh vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits and whole grains. These are the foods that also provide vitamins fiber and minerals.


The next category consists of milk, eggs, meat products, fats, sweets and fish. The foods with refined sugars do not have a lot of calories. That is why they have little nutrients. These tend to contain lots of cholesterol and saturated fats.

Diabetic kids should not only consume the right foods but also the right amounts. As a parent take care on the sizes of the food served for such children. American are said to serve supersized portions of food.

Take note on how to serve various types of foods:

  • Fish: Try to serve your child with fish three times a week. Fish is rich in fatty acids which are good for protecting the heart.
  • Fruits: You short make available a minimum of five servings of fruits on a daily basis. A medium-sized banana or apple is equivalent to five servings.
  • Vegetables: Serve servings a day will serve the purpose.
  • Meat Protein: Limited the amount of meat served to four ounces per day. There are other proteins that can act as a substitute for food. These are: beans, cheese, eggs and tofu.
  • Dairy: Serve milk with low fat content two or three times a day.
  • Starches: Choose between 4 and 11 servings every day. This depends on calories needed. You can choose between pasta, corn, bread, potatoes and beans.

If you follow those tips highlighted above, I am sure you will take good care of your child with diabetes.

How to earn an income from home


make-money-at-homeNowadays jobs are becoming extremely scarce and wages are stagnating. That is why people are finding it necessary to create multiple streams of income in order to attain some financial security. This is a very smart strategy but if you have a problem leaving your primary job to do another job then you will get stressed.

Earning income from home is also very suitable for people who are raising kids and are committed not to use the services of a daycare. On the other hand, there are people who are too old to hold a day-job. There are other people who are disabled or injured which makes it hard for them to leave their homes every day. These people will therefore find it appropriate working from home.

The good news for such people is that there are numerous ways of making money from home. Some of the ways of earning money is through starting your own business while other people work for someone else using their home as an office.

There are numerous challenges though that needs to be overcome. This includes the presence of scams. This should be avoided as much as possible.

Design graphics and websites

There are sites such as elance which work as an online marketplace where clients can post jobs of varying tasks. There are numerous programmers and graphic designers that provide services which are on high demand by companies. Freelancers bid on such jobs by creating a profile where they list their job experiences and portfolio. The price that they charge is clearly indicated on the profile. The owners of the website charge 6 per cent of your total earning as commission for maintaining the website.

Writing, editing and proofreading

There are numerous reliable websites such as ODesk and People Per Hour where you can be hired as a writer, website design, editor or filmmaker to work on projects for clients and sites such as You Tube to develop content. These type of assignments pays between $10 to $100 per hour. In case you have the right requirements, you can qualify for long-term contracts.

On ODesk, there are two types of payments. The first one is payment for fixed work and the second one is payment for hourly jobs. In the case of fixed jobs you get paid when the job is completed. Hourly jobs are more reliable because an hour worked is an hour paid.

Party planning

There are many opportunities to make money by hosting parties in which you demonstrate items for sale. Since you are self-employed, you can work as much as you can.

An important tip for you to succeed is to choose items for sale which you are so passionate about. This will be more enjoyable for you and you will make more sales that way.

This job is commission based and what you will earn largely depends on your ability to sale. The sales will assist you to cover the set up costs for your first parties.

Internet Research

There are many research companies out there which are always searching for researchers.

Customers send random questions to their websites and researchers find the right answers to those questions. It is important to note that you as a researcher can always choose the type of questions that you will be answering. The same is true with the number of hours that you will work.

10 ways to bully-proof your kid


bully-kidBullying has always been identified as beginning right from preschool. It is estimated that between 40 to 80 percent of middle school children have at one point or another reported being bullied. In the current times, bullying has been very dangerous and leading to accidents where some children have been beaten to death and others commit suicide.

That is real a real concern for parents. Despite that, there is still some good news because bullying can be prevented. You can easily bully-proof your child and try to keep them safe from bullies.

  • Grow respectful and compassionate relationship starting from the time when your child is very young.

When children grow-up in loving relationships, they are more likely to be safe from becoming or being bullied. Never expose the child to relationships where force or power is used to control them. Children who are smacked learn that physical violence is a solution for interpersonal problems. In your disciplinary actions, never use power because those children will practice using power over others as well. In other cases they will allow others to use power over them. It becomes a routine for them. There are many methods that involve the use of compassionate disciplinary methods and it works miracles.

Maintain the connection between you and your children at all times

The kids who are always seen to be lonely and withdrawn are more likely to be bullied . Always bear in mind that parenting is 90 per cent connection. Guide is the remaining 10 per cent. Guidance should always be supported with warm relationships. Always have open communication with your children no matter what happens.

Practice Confidence when dealing other people

When dealing with other people, practice confident behavior. Never back down and then later on feel like you are being pushed around. Children always watch their parents to learn how to handle situations. Start with asserting your own needs or rights while maintaining your respect for the other person. Always learn not to let yourself or your child down. You child will do exactly that because you are their role model.

Take time to teach your child respectful self-assertion

Children need to understand that they can maintain respect as they make their needs met by other people. Teach your kid to use words such as:

“Hands off my body” or

“It is my turn now”

Teach your child how to avoid bullies

Bullies always operate where parents are not present. That is why you should teach your kid to avoid unattended bathrooms, hallways and playgrounds. Your children should learn to sit in front of the school bus as well as sit at a lunch table near any teachers to avoid being bullied.

Impart social skills in your child

Bullies have a tendency to bully kids who are seen as being vulnerable as well as children who are desperate for peer acceptance. Practice with your child on how to join other kids at the playground. Introduce your kid to other kids at the party. Make games that teach your child some social skills and practice them at home.

Always teach your child that there is no shame in walking away from a bully or asking for help from an adult. This is because bullying situations have a tendency to escalate.

Teach your kids to help other kids who are being bullied. There are several approaches of doing this. They can stand with the victim and physically remove them from the bully by walking them away from danger towards adult assistance.

Tell your kids to seek for help from other kids. Let the kid wave other kids to their side by calling them “We need your help”. Then let them confront the bully and walk away.