Positive parenting tips


There are numerous things that parents can do to assist their children learn during each stage of growth and development. These are all positive tips to promote health, safety and positive parenting.

  • Always talk to your child. He or she will always find that your voice is calming.
  • Always answer when your baby makes sound. You can repeat those sounds and then add words. That way your child will learn to use language.


Tip 1

Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Self esteem starts developing when kids are still babies. They always see themselves through their parents’ eyes. Always watch the tone of your voice because that is what the child watches. Your body language and all other expressions play a great role. The development of a child’s self esteem is influenced by the words and actions of the parents.


Make it a practice to praise accomplishments no matter small. This will make them feel real proud. Allow the kids to do their things independently in order to make them feel strong and capable. Avoid belittling or comparing your child unfavorably with others because the kid will feel worthless.

Always avoid using words as weapons or loaded statements. Avoid comments such as “what a stupid thing to do?”. Such words will have the same effect as physical blows.

Your choice of words is very important. Always make sure you are compassionate. Let your kids realize that every person makes a mistake in life. Express your love to the kids even after they have made mistakes.

Tip 2

Catch your kids doing something right

It is very effective to catch your kids doing the right things. This is a very effective approach. “You wash your clothes without being asked- that is terrific!” Such statements will do a lot in encouraging good behavior if they are repeated on the long term.


On a daily basis, try to find something for which to praise your child. In addition to that be very generous with rewards. This can come in the form of hugs, love or compliments and they have been proved to be very effective. In the long run you see that you are growing the required behavior.

Tip 3

Be consistent and set limits with your discipline

Discipline is a necessary thing in every home. The main goal for discipline is to assist your kids in developing self-control and choosing acceptable behavior. This is especially important in testing the limits that you have set on your kids.


Your kids will easily understand your expectations if you set up house rules. That way they will also develop self-control. These are examples of house rules: no name-calling, no television till homework is completed; no hitting others in the house and no hurtful teasing is allowed. As a parent, you might want to put a system in place. A good example is giving a warning which is followed by loss of privileges. Be consistent in dispensing your discipline. You cannot discipline your kid one day and ignore their mistake the next day. Consistency always pays.

Tip 4

Make Time for Your Kids

It is often hard for parents and their kids to always meet for a family meal. Family members need to spend quality time together. This is what the kids would like more than anything else. It is advisable that you wake up 20 minutes earlier every day so that you have breakfast together with your kids. Alternatively, you can make an habit of having a walk every dinner. This is important because the children who do not get the attention that they deserve from their parents often tend to misbehave because that is the only way they will get noticed.


Parents should create a special night each week to be together and allow the child to decide how this time will be spent. In addition to that look for more ways to connect with your kids. For instance, you can put a note in your child’s lunchbox.


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