Pregnant at 44: Tips and Information to Promote a Healthier Pregnancy


pregnant-at-44You often hear that getting pregnant at any point over age 35 might be dangerous, but more and more women are starting to get pregnant at 44 and during those perimenopause years. Knowing about your body and pregnancy at this stage in life is important because there are risks that are higher for women over age 35. Knowing what these are gives you the chance to be proactive so that you can work toward making sure that you are doing everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy.

Getting Pregnant Later in Life

When you are older, it is harder to get pregnant unless you are using some type of fertility treatment. This is because you are getting close to those perimenopause years, a stage in your life where your female reproductive system is starting to change. Of course, at this point, you are also experiencing irregular ovulation and this makes it far harder to conceive a child. Now, while it is more difficult, this does not mean that it is impossible. If you pay attention to the news, especially celebrity news, you have surely seen that many women are opting to have babies later in life with success.

Risks for the Baby

When women wait until they are older to get pregnant, this does increase the risk of your baby being born with a variety of issues. The most notable are chromosomal abnormalities. When you wait to have a baby until you are 44 years old, there is a greater chance that your baby might be born with Down syndrome. You can learn about this while you are still pregnant so that you can adequately prepare for having a baby with special needs. Since the risks for the baby are higher, it is critical that you see your doctor regularly and have all of the recommended testing done on time throughout your pregnancy.

Risks for Mom

Now you have a better idea about what risks your baby is at a higher risk for should you wait to get pregnant, but there are things you have to think about for yourself too. Women who wait to get pregnant until they are older are at a higher risk for a number of pregnancy-related medical issues, such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Due to the increased risk, you must be very mindful of your diet, exercise and other components of your lifestyle.

Now you know more about being pregnant at 44 and what to expect if you get pregnant later in life. This is important because there are certain things you have to be aware of so that you can make sure that your pregnancy is as healthy as possible. As you can see, your lifestyle and nutrition are of utmost importance and when you are doing these things right and seeing your doctor as scheduled, you have a much greater chance of having a healthy pregnancy despite the potential risks.


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