STDs Leading Cause of Infertility in Women


STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are conditions in the body where the infection rapidly spreads from one person to another in different ways. There are a lot of complications that sexually transmitted diseases have especially for women, and one of this is infertility. According to a recent report STD’s are the leading cause of infertility in women and this is because women who have STDs also develop PID or the pelvic inflammatory disease.


About Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PID or the pelvic inflammatory disease is caused by the infection wherein the body starts overreacting to it. The woman’s immune system will then try to fight the bacteria invading the body, which in return will cause local scarring and inflammation. Most of the time the body’s response to this invasion becomes successful, but the downside is that it has the ability to damage certain organs in the body. This disease can scar the pelvic cavity, fallopian tubes, and the uterus, and is also one of the reasons why women experience chronic pain in the pelvic area. When there are scars in these areas, the chances of infertility increase.

STD and Infertility

As mentioned, PID which is associated with STD, the number one cause of infertility. One or even both the fallopian tubes can occlude during the process and this can even be a worse for women who are older and smoke. Women known to be using IUDs are also prone to deterioration in their fallopian tubes that leads to infertility. The consequences are that the sperm has difficulty reaching the egg. But when the sperm finally get through the egg, the egg on the other hand might not be able to reach the uterus.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

One of the most common pains that you should watch out for if you already have a sexually transmitted disease is the pain in your pelvis and the lower part of your abdomen. Periods that are irregular are also a sign of pelvic inflammatory disease caused by STD. Pain while urinating and while having sex are also known symptoms, while lower back pain can also be included though this can also be a symptom of other underlying causes. Discharge in the vagina that is excessive and has an odor that is foul is a clear sign of an infection. Some of the general signs of an infection are vomiting, diarrhea, exhaustion and fever. If these symptoms are present, then it is strongly advisable to visit your doctor to check your condition. This might help save you from infertility.

STD Infection Treatment

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are two of the most known type of sexually transmitted diseases, and are the main causes why women develop pelvic inflammatory disease. Doctors’ tend to advise their patients to take antibiotics for the infection. There are some cases where an abscess has already ruptured, or on the brink of rupturing. This will require immediate surgery to avoid causing too much infection.

But remember the main thing you can do to prevent STDs is to avoid unprotected sexual intercourse.


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