Travelling (surviving) on road trips with kids


Most families prefer travelling with their children by car, mainly to avoid having problems with other people getting annoyed by the behavior of their kids. If you want to avoid the road trip from hell then some tips are in order. Travelling with children can be fun and difficult at times especially if you are not well prepared for a long ride. As you all know children can get a little bored when it comes to being confined in the car for a long period of time. They whine, cry, and even have fights with you and will in turn ruin your trip. Fortunately, there are things that you can do when taking small children on long journeys without them getting too bored. Below are some of the tips that you can do to ensure that they will enjoy their ride.


Packing Drinks and Food

Children can get hungry and thirsty often and they need to have something to eat or drink NOW. Instead of stopping at the convenience store on your way, you can pack drinks and food that you and your children can eat while on the road. Packing is more ideal than purchasing on the road since it tends to be more expensive.

Bring Toys and Stuff

You can let your children bring their most precious toys with them, while some may prefer bringing their favorite stuffed toy or their blanket. These things can help them be entertained or stay asleep while you are still on the road. Just make sure though you have enough room for all their toys. Lastly, make sure that these toys are within your reach so you can easily hand them over.


Portable Player

Entertain your children by letting them watch their favorite shows or movies through your portable player. You can also bring along the CDs, for them to be able to listen and sing. These things will surely keep them entertained – at least for a while.


Another thing that you can do is to prepare some surprises for them, which you know they will like. You can prepare a small bag where you can store a surprise book, toy, or a treat for them. Choose a surprise that they will surely love to have and they can use easily while you are still on the road.

Stop Overs

If the ride is too long, you can go to stop overs to have a bit of a rest and stretch. You can try stopping over at a nice park or a roadhouse. Have a map with you showing places where you can stop. You can also throw away some trash at the same time, and check on the car.


For them to be able to fully enjoy the long ride, you need to make sure that the kids are all comfortably dressed. You can let them wear sweat pants or their favorite clothing, for as long as they feel comfortable in it. You may even want to start travelling early morning when your children will most probably asleep at that time.


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