Ways to Entertain Your Kids during the School Holidays


School holidays are a great time for some parent-child bonding time. But kids easily get bored, and it is ideal for you to give them something to do to help them be entertained. There are a lot of ways to entertain your kids during the school holidays when they are at home.


Building a Fort

One of the best activities that will surely keep your kids well entertained is by letting them build their own fort. If you are lucky enough to have a decent size backyard, then let your kids do it there or inside the house if it’s during winter. You can begin by setting up a safe area where they can start to build the fort for themselves. You can help them by using a bed sheet to hang over a tree maybe, and make sure to create an opening where they can enter. Kids usually prefer crawling so a small opening will definitely do.

Bake or Cooking

cookingAnother good thing is to let them cook with you. You can bake some very tempting treats together, which they don’t usually get to enjoy when they are busy with school. This is actually a good way to bond with your kids because they will learn how to prepare the food that they will eat themselves. But just make sure they don’t cut themselves with sharp kitchen utensils. If they are very young letting them mix the bowl and give them tasks that are safe for them is sufficient.

Board Games

There are a lot of board games today and there are also the traditional ones, such as chess and cards. This is a good way to keep their brains active while not in school. You can also give them puzzles as most kids love working things out.

Other Languages

You can also entertain them by teaching them different languages. Kids soak up a lot of knowledge when they are young so it is a good time to try different languages, especially if you are going overseas and it will motivate them to learn. However, don’t put too much pressure of them when you start teaching them because your goal here is to entertain them while they are learning.

Creating Artwork

craftingThe type of artwork that you will create will depend on the current season. If it’s the Christmas season, you can let them design decorations. Give them prizes once they get to finish, to encourage them to finish their work.


Another thing that you can do with your kids is to let them give you a hand in the garden. If you don’t have a garden yet, you can start planting something in your backyard and let your kids pick the flowers or the plants that they would like to see there. You can teach them the right ways of planting and how they can take good care of them, so they can have the pleasure knowing they did the planting when the garden grows.


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