What is the Best Age to Get Pregnant?


what-is-the-best-age-to-get-pregnantWhat is the best age to get pregnant? This is a question millions of women ask themselves. Knowing the best age to get pregnant allows you to ensure that you can plan properly. If you are very concerned about having a healthy pregnancy, timing could be key. Learn more about the best age to get pregnant and pregnancy during your fertile years to determine the best age for you.

What is the Best Age to Get Pregnant?

From a biological standpoint, it is best to get pregnant when a woman is in her late teens to early 20s. The reproductive system is at its peak in terms of health and the eggs are fresh. Women of this age are also less likely to have any chronic health problems that can cause issues with the baby.

Pregnancy at Age 20

Women in their 20s who are in good physical shape are likely to have an easier delivery and pregnancy. They are also more likely to regain their fitness after giving birth. In the later 20s, women are generally more emotionally stable, as well as financially stable, making it easier for them to create a home for a child. There is only a 10 percent rate of miscarriage in this age group and the risk of chromosomal abnormality is very low.

Pregnancy at Age 30

Starting at age 30, fertility starts to decrease. The risk of a miscarriage increases to 11.7 and there is a slightly higher chance of chromosomal abnormality. However, at this age, a healthy woman can have a healthy pregnancy. She is also likely to be set in life so that having a baby seems to be a natural progression for her life. Just remember to consider work-like balance after the baby is born.

Starting at age 35, fertility is even lower and the risk of issues like gestational diabetes and high blood pressure are much higher. Labor also tends to take longer in this age group. The miscarriage rate is approximately 18 percent at this stage.

Some women turn to fertility treatments, such as IVF, at this age. It does increase the chances of conception in women who are having difficulty getting pregnant. While this increases the risk of multiples, the overall risk is still really small.

Pregnancy at Age 40

Women over 40 can get pregnant with or without fertility treatments and as an added bonus, getting pregnant at this point in life can increase a woman’s lifespan. The risk of chromosomal abnormality is much higher at this age, rising to a one in 66 chance and this increases steadily with each passing year of this decade.

What is the best age to get pregnant? Now, you have information that can answer this question for you. Take into account your lifestyle and general health at the age you are now to ensure that you get pregnant that is the best age for you.


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